Top 5 Shared Adventure Images on Instagram_Part 1

Starting from this week i will post regularly the top 5 adventure images from Instagram I like most.

Hkakabo Razi, Northern Myanmar

photographer: Cory Richards (@coryrichards)
comment: Myanmar open itself recently for visitors. However, majority of the country remains inaccessible due to government regulation. Cory is one of the first photographer to explore the Hkakabo Razi mountains at the border with China. (map here). I like how Cory used the robe as a leading line to bring the attention of the viewer towards the main subject (the climber). In the same time the sharp peaks on the background illustrate the kind of danger the mountaineers face.

A silver-back mountain gorilla, Rowanda

photographer: Ronan Donovan (@ronan_donovan)
comments: Ronan is Vermont born photogrpher shuting for National Geographic. He spent lot of time documenting the life of endangered animals around the world. As part of this project he went to Africa to document the mountain gorillas of Rowanda. I like how he created a portrait of the Alpha male. As people say that usually deep waters are the most dangerous also gorilla's expression says that he is ready to protect his family no matter what! 

The Putin Generation, Moscow

photographer: Gerd Ludwig (@gerdludwig)
comments: this picture will be published by NatGeo in the Dec edition 2016. Gerd is showing the attitude of the young Russians member of the dear-devils community in Russia. I like the way Gerd managed to share the playfulness of the boys while facing the dead. In addition the buildings in the background and the nearby park give good suggestion about the height of the playground. 

Underground River, Mexico

photographer: Paul Nicket (@paulnicklen)
comments: Paul became most known for his underwater pictures of sea lions. As expert of underwater photography he is on a quest to show the secrets laying deep in numerous secretive caves in Mexico. I like the rays of light penetrating the water and dark silhouettes giving sense of mystery that the diver is about to discover. 

Boys play soccer under Bontang tree, Guinea Bissau

photographer: Ami Vitale (@amivitale)
comments: Ami is a female photographer who visited 90+ countries around the world documenting stories for National Geographic. The picture is part of the story for Guinea Bissau and a local Muslim tribe. I like the way she managed to give the scale of the Bontang tree in the background while the kids are playing football under it. Also the B/W color gives more emotional connection with the moment and a sense of romantic adventure.