A Perseids hunt in the heart of Rhodope mountain

EVERY YEAR IN the middle of August there is high intensity meteor shower known as Perseids. To be able to observe it with naked eye it is advised to be located in the norther hemisphere, go far from any light polluted city or town, and be lucky enough to have clear sky in the night. 

Having just a weekend free for myself, I instantly decided to use this opportunity and do what I love most - outdoor photography. Being in the Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria I start searching for a suitable place around here. Thanks to TPE app and google light map I narrowed down my options, understood what is the best angle to observe the Perseids meteor shower as well as what is the ideal time. This is how Beglika lake come to be the natural choice. After a quick check of the weather forecast it became clear that meteorological conditions will be very tricky this weekend. It was expected to have so.

Beglika Dam (GPS:41°47’59.6”N 24°06’18.2” ), Bulgaria

In the late afternoon I ended up at the “Batlaboaz” part of Beglika lake was packed with a lot of positive vibe, warm tea and homemade food prepared by my grandmother I set up my camp waiting for the night meteor hunt. After sunset the night sky turned totally covered by the clouds. It was hard to see the stars… and then the strong South Western wind appeared and cleared the sky for a short moment.

Batlaboaz Bay at Night, Beglika Dam, Bulgaria

I was lucky!

Just in the very same moment there was a meteor crossing the night sky and I was able to capture this scene. 

“Sometime Less is more”

After that the sky was covered by thick clouds again. Nevertheless, I learned to appreciate the small things in life and was happy to be there in the nature.

And the very next morning I was rewarded with a stunning view just across of my tent.

The real adventure is when things go against the plan, but still there is happy end…and a good story to tell

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