Amsterdam Street Run

From running while travelling to travel to run

As it already turned into tradition, I keep running when on the road. Actually i became something like "collection"...explore different places by running there. Here is my Amsterdam run:


Here is how i rate my Bangkok Run Track:

  • Difficulty: Easy (Easy,Intermediate, Advanced, Very Hard, Madness) 
    the elevation is 0%~1%
  • Scenery:  5 (out of 5) 
    you will run in along historical buildings from the 16,17&18th century along the channels
  • Distance: 12km, but it's very easy to extend to as much as you wish. If you want to run long distance
  • Popularity: 5 (out of 5) 
    You will meet 100+ locals and expats running in the park. 
  • Location & Access: 5 (out of 5)  Easy to get there on foot or by public transportation 
  • Safety: 5 (out of 5)  the safety in the downtown of Amsterdam is big. Even traffic is modest and won't interrupt your pace

OVERALL RATING: 5 (out of 5)