Crossing Vitosha from Zheleznitza to Knyazhevo

Long Trek on Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

MITKO SUGGESTED TO hike Mt. Vitosha. What was intended to be a casual walk, turned into a great adventure i was very happy to share with my best friend.  

The Start of Vitosha Trek

Our path starts in the village of Zheleznitza near Sofia. Just above the village the path had to pass a forest and gain really fast elevation from 1070m.a.s.l. to 1395m.a.s.l. Even though there was snowfall just a week ago, there wasn't any track left of it.

What is the view from the top of Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria?

About 2h lated we reach the plateau on top of Mt. Vitosha (2100m+ elevation). Our path surpass the old weather station that looks like alien ship! On that altitude there was already some snow left.

Finally we made it to Cherni Vrah summit (2260m.a.s.l.). In wikipedia i've read that the mountain hut was built in 1935.

Time to celebrate with a selfie followed by home made food & tea. After we regained our strength Mitko come up with the innovative idea to continue our descending to Knyazhevo instead of returning to Zheleznitza. Based on his estimation we should have more or less 10km. Yes, but no! The real adventure is where many things go against the plan! And here we are...

What is Interesting to See On The Way Down from Vitosha Mountain?

...already our path crossed the "river of stones". Quick check in wikipedia reveals that actually this is called "moraine and is glacially formed accumulation of unconsolidated glacial debris (soil and rock) that occurs in currently glaciated and formerly glaciated regions on Earth through geomorphological processes". 

Few km more hiking and we are at the "Golden Bridges". Really impressive to see the giant rocks and the forest on the background. While making pictures standing on the wet moraines, i just imagine what will happen, if i drop my camera which will definitely slip btw them. Then i will need to bring a drawing machine, powerful enough to lift those heavy rocks in order to retrieve my precious toy. And all this without been noticed by the authorities...nice...NOT!

The more we descended, the more the moraines started to be covered by moss. I love their green, green colour. Yes, Mitko like to pose...

Almost down from the mountain, we decided to reward ourself with some more of the magic drink in order to celebrate this great Saturday. 

End Point of Vitosha Mountain Trek

Doing the math, or just checking what my gps watch has to reveal, i have noticed: 

  • we walk 25.5km and for this we needed 
  • 7h 05min
  • Our starting altitude was 1066m. Once we reached Cherni Vrah summit (2260m), we descended to 854m with total gained altitude of 1279m

I would like to give special thanks to Mitko's father. On his birthday, he agreed to come and give us a ride from Knyazhevo to Zheleznitzha in order for us to be possible to pick up our 1st vehicle. 

PS: We are so lucky! Once we got in the car, it started to rain...

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