Bangkok Street Run

In the middle of Oct '13 I have decided to combine my passion for travel adventures and long distance running. This is how the idea was born to Run Around the World. 
Read more about my Bangkok, Thailand run here... 

Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road, Thailand

Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road, Thailand

Here is how i rate my Bangkok Run Track:

  • Difficulty: Easy (Easy,Intermediate, Advanced, Very Hard, Madness) 
    in some part the elevation is 8% which is madness...
  • Scenery:  2 (out of 5) 
    you will run in a park surrounded by skyscrapers. In the middle of the park will find beautiful lake
  • Distance: 2km, but it's very easy to extend to as much as you wish. If you want to run long distance, you might get bored tho
  • Popularity: 1 (out of 5) 
    You will meet 100+ locals and expats running in the park
  • Location & Access: 5 (out of 5)  Easy to get there by skyline or taxi 
  • Safety: 5 (out of 5)  the park is surrounded by a fence and there are armed guards to protect the visitors

OVERALL RATING: 2.6 (out of 5)

If you want to see more pictures from my Thailand trip pls. check here:

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