First Mountain Ran

It has been a while since my last post. Not that i have been lazy, skipping training. Just to opposite! But in the office this was hell of a week for me resulting in taking most of my time (outside running) to work on some projects.

Thanks God in Bulgaria there are 6 days of looooong national holiday for Easter and St. Georgi. And here i am, high in the Rhodope mountain with my family. Today i had to run 25km. And here is the first big challenge. Find spot, flat and in the same time min 5km long enough. Give or take something i've come across Batak Dam. Studying the terrain i've discovered that the full round of this artificial lake is 40km. NICE!

Now the only thing left is to organize water and food supplies along the road, so that every 4-5km i have enough of them. Initially my idea was to make the round by car, hide the water and chocolate bars in the bushes...but the risk to miss a spots was high. And most important that those kind of interruptions will cut my steady pace. On top of it, if i don't get enough hydration while running, the chance to get injured or ruin my body was too high.

And then my dad agreed to join me by driving in front of me his car and stop every 5km to give me water and food. HAPPY DAYS!

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 8.11.02 AM.png

Scenic Mountain Run, May 4th, 2013

This day i was eager run. Woke up 6ish and ask my grandma to prepare my breakfast before the rest of my family is awaken. I needed min 2h to diagest. looking thru the window of the kitchen i've noticed that outside there is heavy rain. Still i am fully dedicated to go out and do this mountain run. But what a suprise, just short before me and my dead are about to leave the rain stop. Sky was cloudy, temperature was around 20 degrees, and the rain has washed all the potential dust i may come across. Just the perfect weather to run!

Btw the 14km and 17km there was a rain. It was perfect timing to help me cool down my body on the way up the hill. From the 20km the road turned into moon landscape and my dad was hesitating to continue driving in this condition. I was pushing him to continue. So funny, me running and just next to me my dad moving with the same speed. And the the thunder storm came. OK! Point's too risky to stay out btw. the pine trees in this weather and the thunders coming down from the sky. So at the 23rd km i've decided to stop my daily training. Still this was amazing day! 

Ran On May 4th

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