Great News & Positive Vibes

Monday I had to give presentation in front of 100 partners. And suddenly my new boss decided to watch my "performance". Apparently he enjoyed it that much that offered me immediately to became my sponsor for the marathon run. He will cover the cost for my equipment. In return i had to put the logo of Samsung on my t-shirt. Hakuna Matata!

I have a sponsor!!!

The base for my marathon are the running shoes. After reading several review i have nailed the model i like. Then the biggest challenge was deciding the color. In order to make it more fun, i decided to ask my friends from facebook and posted 3 color options. 


Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+

Here is the result from the research:

  • option A: 10 votes
  • option B: 12 votes
  • option C: 15 votes

Electric Green is the color! This Saturday will go shopping.

As part of turning Samsung Bulgaria office as best work place by our new country manager, we receive resh fruits (apples + oranges) DAILI!

2013-03-29 11.11.19.png

Daily fresh fruits in the officeAs you can notice, the apples has been replaced by bananas. Yes, Samsung employees avoid apples. Moreover, bananas fit better to my marathon diet.

Life is beautiful!