What Is the Right Running Technique for Marathon?

 Probably you wonder what is the right way to run for long distance? How many technics are out there? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one? Which one should be recommended? Is there any difference btw. 5k, 10k, half/full marathon running technique? 


The greatest long distance running couch Jack Daniels recommends in his book  to apply gliders style. Keep the cadence of 180 steps/min, reduce the vertical oscilllation (how much you bounce up and down) as well as any unnecessary movements of the amrs (check the video again how should be done). Pay attention on the direction of your knees. The straighter you keep them, the better you will utilize the force coming from your legs  to move you forward, which will increase your overal velocity and reduce energy consumption. Gliders technique reduces the overal stress your joints will have to coap with when running. If you master this technique your overal speed will increase a lot!

Gazelle technique is applied for final sprints. Check how Usain Bolt and other top runners do it!

Usain Bolt has very bad technique for starting because of it's hight 1.95( 6.5"). Look at his knees at the very beginning how they tilt left and right. Should he improve this one, for sure he will be able to run under 9:58
The amount of stress your body should have multiplied by the time spent at running increases the chance of getting injury. This is the major disadvantage of gazelle style running where you spend good amount of time in the air. Yes, you are faster but there is always trade off. Are you ready to pay the high price?


PS: in my case i am trying to maste gliders style and for the final push i switch to gazelle. 

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