Walking Around Seoul

17:15 the flight TK090 of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul landed in Incheon  Airport. Finally!

I have hard time to remember where i should place myslef in the underground train running btw. the terminals, which gave me the idea to follow the flight attendant of the Korean Airline. Smart move! the doors of my car open exactly in front of the elevetor and i managed to be among the first people cuing in a line at the immigration office. Only 2 mintues later and i am already in the huge baggage claim hall. Here i should admite, that for the first time in my life happens that once i approach the belt the furst suitcase to appear is no others, but MINE. Muahahhaa!

Yerim is waiting for me at the exit and we decide to play posh by taking a taxi for the 50~60km journy to Seoul city center.

Quick check-in and i can take showere after crossing half of the world.

Silla Hotel, Seoul

Silla Hotel, Seoul

The view of Shilla hotel, located in the heart of Seoul is amazing. This night happen to have a wedding in the building you see. Unfortunatly, my buddies are missing otherewise crashing the wedding was first thing to cross my mind :)

First thing in my "to do" list is to overeat with korean food. Mmmmm, then we move to celebrate my namesday with Yerim and her girls in one of the best local Jazz clubs "Soul to God".