Post Kilimanjaro Chillax

After descending Mt. Kilimanjaro one day faster than the initial schedule, we could enjoy a short break before the next adventure is ready to begin. Both of us with Alex are happy to sleep till 11am…followed by mega huge super Indian lunch. As for the rest of the day, we plan shopping, shopping, shopping.  

Moshi Art Center, Tanzania

Handmade Masaai drawing by local people as a birthday gift card in Suahili.  

Moshi Art Center, Tanzania

Forgot the name of the dude, but he is the author of all paintings you see. We asked him to share with us his email, in case we want to order other pieces of art from Europe...and what a turned out he is unable to read and write...on the other hand the way he paints is just impressive. 

Moshi Art Center, Tanzania

In this kind of "houses" locals store their art. All huts are made of banana leafs and bamboo. It will be interesting to try them during the rainy season...NOT

From here we decided to walk on food back to our hotel...5-6km...who cares....
On the way we purchased also cafe, ginger beer, many local spices, post cards & stamps. Few beers later a creative idea comes to our minds. We decided to write all post cards in suahili language a song we have learned in Mt. Kilimanjaro. The waiter in the restaurant are kind enough to help us tease you guys. So i guess those of you who got a post card (even with two months delay), can feel the spirit of the mountain...

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